It is our core belief that urban development within Winnipeg has immense promise given the palpable energy and civic pride currently enveloping the city; given this, our projects regardless of scale, typology or function must be collaborative efforts. Teamwork involving the public, civic and community groups is key to a successfully executed project. Our 44 unit “Element Condos” in an older established Winnipeg neighborhood is testament to this assertion whereby the community, local groups and politicians all worked in unison to devise a solution that enhances the character and strength of that place.

The overall construction management of any project is a prerequisite for its success, this selection is perhaps the most important up-front decision a developer can make. At Sandhu Developments we are proud of the strong relationship with the construction managers and general contractors that build our projects and look forward to working with Accel Construction Management of Toronto Ontario for our pending D Condo development.

Similarly, Sandhu Developments Inc. has favorable working relationships with key consulting groups including: VRA (Verne Reimer Architecture), Mike Niven Interior Design (Toronto, ONT), Crosier Kilgour Partners, MCW/AGE, Scatliff Miller Murray Landscape Architects.

Sandhu Developments strives to produce ‘local solutions’ through understanding and market research underpinned by the fact that buyers are informed and moreover sophisticated. With this in mind Sandhu Developments consults closely with Ryan Design International of Toronto, Ontario as marketing consultant to create buildings and lifestyles that are relevant and consumer driven.

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